Thursday, September 02, 2004

Yeah. Kill the messenger.

Remember what I said in my last post about forgetting about another post I published before?
Something about Superman?? The new movie? And the guy that was going to play the part? Well...forget that post too. Yeah, it's a mess. Just as my life is. Hehe. Well, filthy sinners this is
what happened. Mark Millar said Jesus will play Supes. Harry Knowles (Aint It Cool News) said that no way. Mark shot back (read it by yourselves...I'm starting to feel like a bloody messenger):

"...just to hammer home how confident I am as regards my source (pretty much as good as it gets), I will personally write a cheque to charity for 1000 dollars from my Wolverine royalties (Wolverine 20 and 21 out October 2004) if Jim Caviezel isn't cast as Superman on the day principal photography starts..."

So it's war. Let the best man win. And yeah! you should send ME a 1000 dollars! I can become your favorite charity! Do you think I have nothing else to do besides quoting you guys and following your own little private war??
Hmm. Now that I think about it, I REALLY don't have anything interesting to do here in Numbtown. So Praise the Lord! Let the games begin!

Oh I loove useless hobbies...