Sunday, September 05, 2004


Bats, Bats, Oh my dear tormented love!!! This has been a perfect day for you and I. First of all I finally saw JLU Episode 4 "Hawk and Dove" (sorry, I didn't like it - no Bats, no Supes, No Flash, No GL...... I refuse to even talk about it) and Episode 5: "This little piggy". Now THIS was fun. Bats and Wonder Woman having one of those uncomfortable conversations about love and relationships and dating (It's funny how Bruce points out that he cannot afford to have a girlfriend because his enemies would get to him by harming the one's close to him. Yeah, imagine someone trying abuse of poor weak Diana...hehe). Wonder Woman turned into a .. Wonder Pig? Red Tornado, Elongated Man and Zatanna, helping Bruce find Diana? And Bruce!Dear Bruce showing his ...ahm...artistic side. Gotta admit, this episode was fun from beginning to end. Even Omnipotent Puedquito was happy too! There were lots and lots of piggys! (and I'm afraid to report that he's currently in love with Wonder Piggy...He'll get over it soon) Yes people! Good cartoons are still made! Long live JLU !!!!!

Talking about good things in life....Rejoice! At last we have the first images of the upcoming cartoon of THE BATMAN, that premiers Saturday, September 11 (on Kids' WB). The series take place in year three, with a younger Bruce (in his mid twenties), taking his first steps as the Dark Knight. He will face for the very first time villians we have come to love and fear. Watch the clip, and see who will be the first creepy villian to be kicked by Bats.

Oh is good sometimes. One extra info to make you happier: The Edge (U2) composed and performs the theme song. Go on, be happy. There's still hope in this world. I must go now. Omnipotent Puedquito (kidnapped and saved today, by the way) wants to use the computer to write a poem for Wonder Piggy. Oh luv is all around!