Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Choosing my Halloween custome

TADDAAA!!! This is what I'll use next Halloween. Impressive don't you think? Warner made it just for me... Ok ,ok guess you're not buying that. Rejoice once again, sinners! He is all dressed up and ready to kick some criminal butts! I like the custom, although it looks rather uncomfortable. How easy can Bale move with that suit? Is it better than the one Keaton wore? How hot it is? Is it hard to put on? Anyone has any idea? Dear beloved Mr. Bale are you reading my blog? Because I was thinking we can maybe go out for some drinks in your Batmovile...hehe. Ok sinners, have a heart and please allow me to keep on dreaming. It's getting closer sinners!! Batman's second coming is near!!! Posted by Hello