Thursday, October 21, 2004

What kind of name is Topher?

OK, I'm having this strange and sudden love for Topher Grace. Yeah, the guy that plays Fordman in That 70's show. Don't ask me why. I think the kid has talent, and his making interesting decisions in his career. Or maybe I'm just programming myself to love him in case he gets to be Jimmy Olsen in the upcoming Superman movie. Whatever. Check out the trailer for the movie In good company, feauturing Topher, Dennis Quaid (sexy bastard), and Scarlett Johanson (a true goddess). Basically it's about finding meaning in your life. An interesting topic if you ask me.

And there's this other one called P.S. with (again) Topher Grace, Laura Linney and Gabriel Byrne, about second chances in life. Love. Destiny. Whatever. Chek it out if you are in a corny mood.

Indulge me people! I'm in a strange mood ok?...You heartless sinners..