Monday, October 25, 2004

It's not the years, it's the mileage

HEY!! This is my 100 post!!! WHEEE!! (This is SO prophetic). Congratulations Ms. Mysterious for a hundred posts of stupidity!!! (Guess I have to congratulate myself til' I get people to read my blog) Anyway, to the matter at hand.

Twenty-seven years old. I don't know how I feel. It's 1 AM and I'm dying to sleep, but I guess that ranting in my stupid blog is a good way to start my birthday. I guess sometimes I feel really old, (as Indiana Jones said, " it's not the years, it's the mileage"). I feel I've done all I can in my life. That there will be no more surprises. I've made my true friends... I have my hobbies ... Sometimes I feel I'm too old to learn and be good at something new. Sometimes I feel like everything is going down hill. Those kind of days are usually not good, hopeful days for me. I have no idea what am I supposed to think. Anyway, there are some other moments I feel REALLY YOUNG. Still doing stupid things, such as trying to use a skateboard or playing air guitar in front of the mirror. I still enjoy simple things. I love to feel the wind in my face as I ride my bike. I love to get chicken bumps when I listen to a really great song and feel how my soul has just been refueled. I love to read a great comic, and believe in superheros that are watching over us. I love simple afternoons hanging out with my friends and watching cartoons and movies with them as we eat pizza. I love to still have conversations that can last hours about Star Wars and why the hell Yoda and Obi-One disappear when they die and the other jedis don't. There
are so many things I do that I enjoy like it was the first time I discovered them... Like a kid, discovering the world for the first time.

So, the question is...What am I supposed to have accomplished by now? Is there a real structure and order of things that you're supposed to have made by this age? Or is it different with everyone? Am I the only one left behind? Or am I just walking slower down my path, enjoying the view, doing things without a hurry?should I start worrying about more "adult" matters? Getting a nicer car? Start going to bars and talk about how the country is going to hell and the taxes are outrageous? Should I stop wearing baseball caps and watching cartoons? Should I think about getting a new job that I will hate but that will give me enough money to...Whatever?
*Ms. Mysterious thinks...ponders....Asks Mighty Pulgoso and Omnipotent Puedquito.... she reaches to a conclusion*

I will not stop enjoying stupid, simple things just because what's "common and expected" in society! Damn Numbtown! Damn stupid society rules! Damn ahm...Britney Spears! (wanted to say damn once more..sorry)
Oh I feel so relieved. Those plush toys I have are really smart. Long live Pulgoso and Puedquito! Long live their wisdom!
Anyway, I guess this is what happens on every birthday. I start with this beautiful act of denial, of suffering, self infliction, with doubts and questions, and by the end of the day, the people close to me make me love being one year older.
So...I guess I'll tell you later how this day went. Now, I'll go to sleep and dream about all the junk food I'll eat later.

End of transmission.

Oh wait! I have to make a wish! I wish....Someone would read this blog (besides myself and my plush toys). Oh and I wish for harsher punishment for parole violators......
And world peace!!!

Oh yeah...Ms. Mysterious still has her stupid and bad sense of humor. Things are going to be just fine. :)