Tuesday, October 26, 2004

More about those four guys with blue suits

I read this a couple of minutes ago and I'm starting to feel a little more at ease. There are some quotes in Comics continuum from David Gorder, associate producer of the Fantastic Four movie. "This is a difficult comic to bring to the screen," Gorder said. "If you do the story wrong, it could end up being campy. We wanted to focus in bringing out the humor and the pathos and the bittersweet moments that we all can relate to as human beings" Yadda Yadda Yadda. Check out in this link for some more quotes by Gorder :http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stories/0410/25/index.htm

So, today, I'm hopeful about this movie (who knows tomorrow) If they're aware of how difficult it can be to make a movie about the FF, and they're doing something about it, such as focusing in the CHARACTERS, their fears, regrets, doubts, dreams and hopes, they're going the right way.
Hey! and by the way one fellow blogger, Rolling Red (neisthai.blogspot.com) seems to be working in the FF movie...and in a comment she left in my last blog she promises special effects will be great - she's working on them I believe- So if anything goes wrong with
the movie. ...Let's blame her...hehehe. (Just kidding) Good luck!