Thursday, October 14, 2004

A comic for all seasons.

It's a beautiful rainy day here at Numbtown, where magic surrounds every living creature and ... Ok. Let me start again. *Ahem* It's a beautiful rainy, cold, day here at Numbtown, and this weather makes me..Happier. And hungrier. I'm already thinking about Christmas and
all the chocolates and delicious thing's I'll eat this year!! Don't deny it sinners! It's the only reason why we like Christmas. We sin easily and without regrets... Oh, life's good sometimes.

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about today. I don't know how many times I've read the trade Superman for all seasons, by Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb, but believe me that every time I read that comic, it's an absolute bliss. I truly believe this is one of the most beautiful
(yeah, that's today's word) interpretations of Superman's humble beginnings as a quiet country boy and his journey becoming a hero.For those who haven't read it PLEASE, do it. Take a chance. You'll love everything, starting with Tim Sale's exquisite art and the simple, yet deep dialogues by Jeph Loeb. Where can I start? From the moment you open the trade you are bound to love it. The first thing you see, are old pictures of Clark as a kid, back in Smallville. Just like a regular family photo album, you get to see the future Man of Steel getting fed by Ma Kent, sleeping with his dog, playing baseball with his dad (imagine how dangerous THAT can be), or hanging out with his friends, Pete and Lana.
The trade is divided in four parts, each of them narrated by important characters in Superman's life: Jonathan Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and Lana Lang. Each of them will give their unique perspective about how Clark, Superman, has changed their lives, for better or worse.

"He flies. He can see through walls. He can lift up cars or bounce bullets off his chest or do just about anything he wants to. And that's the part that gets me. He can do about anything he wants to... And he decides to do what? Be a hero? Why?"

This is a question Lois makes to herself about Superman, trying to understand the reasons that drive this man, to do what he does. To be who he is. Why someone so powerful decides to help mankind, instead or ruling it? Instead of being a conqueror, he chooses to be a hero. Why? Well, I guess part of the answer you can find it here, in this trade. At least regarding Superman. But to be honest this is a question we should make more often about ourselves. Why we do the things we do? Who are we, and how we want to be?

Things are never easy. Not even for Clark Kent, the man from Krypton, with powers beyond our wildest dreams. Decisions have to be made, day by day. And I wonder... Who are we closest to be? Are we more like Clark, trying make the world a better place? Or like Lex, trying to
reach the top, without caring who we step on? Are we someone in between them? Have we reached the point we are just indifferent to what happens?I don't know. I blame the rain. Or better yet, I blame Loeb's and Sale's comic for making me ask myself this questions. Damn, I like the dirty bastards. So, that's it for the day. Now, go and help someone.
Hey, you can start by helping me! I really need a capuccino. And a Ferrari. And a trip around the world. And...ok, you can start by making me feel better by reading this blog.