Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Need Help? Yeah. Addicted to Alias.

I need to sleep. NOW. ALIAS has control of my life. Again. I'm watching for the third time season 3. I thought I was free of the spell, free of the addiction. I was wrong. For those of you who live in another planet and have NO idea who's one of the coolest secret agents (besides James Bond, of course) to ever set foot on earth, here you have it. This show has lots of fights, gadgets, handsome guys, cute lethal girls with flashy outfits, travels spots, lots of twists in the plot and yes, lots and lost of stupidity! (Maybe that's why Ms. Mysterious loves it).
Really, it's action from beginning to end. If you haven't seen it watch all seasons. Get to love the characters, because in the end that is what is all about. For me, second season has been the best one yet, (lots of guest stars!: Quentin Tarantino, Ethan Hawk, Lena Olin, etc) Yet, 3rd Season has really great chapters. But today I refuse to talk further about ALIAS. It's too long and complicated. Just take my word for it and watch it. Right now, I'm dying to close my eyes.