Saturday, October 30, 2004

An Iron man, a Ghost and travel tips

Rob Lowe as Iron man? Don't even think about it! The movie has green light, yet no official announcements have been made about the cast or crew, but production is supposed to start in 2005.

There has to be someone better for the role. Someone classy, yet adventurer. Timothy Dalton would have been perfect a decade ago. Now..I don't know..George Clooney? He's cute as hell and he has Tony's charm. Think of someone else if you want ...But please! Not Rob Lowe.

Another movie that's coming to the big screen is Ghost Rider. Even though no official announcement has been made (what a shocker) but everything points out to Nic Cage as Ghost Rider. The movie will start filming in Melbourne on January 31 2005.

So, are you planning some vacations? Well, I guess Australia is the place to be next year guys! Superman, Ghost Rider...Who knows, maybe some producer will see us and decides to make us movie stars!! I could be Supergirl...Or Lana...Or Mamma Kent! Hell! I don't care if I'm selling The Daily Planet newspaper on the street!! Please! Someone! Hellooo?!!! Have a heart! Posted by Hello