Friday, October 29, 2004

Ms. Mysterious observes and learns

After watching closely the teaser poster for Episode 3, and after debating with Omnipotent Puedco and Mighty Pulgoso, we've reached the verdict. We believe that we want some pizza. Oh, yeah, and about the poster: To be honest, I give points for creativity, and for the boldness of doing something quite different from the typical Star Wars poster. I also like Anakin's face. The scar, the look, everything is starting to take form. After saying this, (and watching the poster a
couple of times more) I totally agree with my marshmallow babe, that the application of the idea is NOT good. It looks like if it had been made by an amateur. Saying this, I admit that even though I would love to erase from my memory most of the scenes and dialogues in Episodes 1 and 2, I still have hope things will improve CONSIDERABLY in ROTS. That Lucas will give us something worthy to remember for years to come. Am I dreaming? Maybe. But somewhere inside his head there has to be some remains of the magic he created 27 years ago. Ok, I'm sleepy. Time to go.