Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Tweety and Hyde send their regards

Two nights ago I was the mood of watching a good old fashion movie with senseless explotions, big guys fighting, ripping their shirts off so you can see their six pack, bad dialogues and 80's music. So, who was one of the Masters of those kind of movies? No other than Governor Schwarzenegger. I went to look into Mr. Marshmallow man movies and you know what did I get? Kindergarten Cop

Don't laugh! It was a nice movie back in 1990. Okay where am I getting to with all this? Well... Do you remember the kids in the movie? Those evil bastards? Watching the things they did, how they picked on other kids, my question is, Are we evil by nature, or is it something we learn? This is an honest question sinners! It's impossible someone that small has learned already how to be bad! Then why the things they do is inclined towards harming someone? Is it our true nature to do bad things, to be mean, and we only learn to control it as we grow older?
(Bare with me people) Which is out true nature? Remember Jekyll and Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson? (Or the LooneyToons version with a big, hairy psycho Tweety?) Which side was more powerful? How primitive or how civilized we truly are?
I'll leave you guys thinking. There's a big yellow bird trying to eat me.Posted by Hello