Tuesday, November 30, 2004

To mew or not to mew

Just one thing before I sleep. PLEASE check out the group MEW. I've fallen in love with them. Maybe it's because they're danish. Maybe they remind me of some delicious pastry. Damn! I'm saying stupid things! AGAIN. Anyway, I guess this is one of those bands that either you love them or you just hate them. There's no in between. What to expect? Rock. Crunching guitars. High, light, girly vocals (some of you might hate the guy, but try to give him a chance) Brilliant interpretations, inventive arrangements, comforting, melodic, music. The kind of music that just crawls inside your skin and into your soul... You may start by checking out Am I Wry? No., She came home from Christmas, or 156 from their album Frengers. Then go out and buy two albums! One for you and one for your friendly neighborhood Ms. Mysterious. (Hey, Christmas is coming!)

G'nite mates!
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