Sunday, January 30, 2005

My eyes! My eyes! Pastel colors invade TV!

I'm really convinced that ALIAS first three episodes from this season were just a nightmare. Yes. Definitely. Just an hallucination. Thank god everything's back to normal now.
"Welcome to Liberty Village" (ep.5) totally rocked. Imagine something like Pleasantville meets Stepford wives (that combined of course with a James Bond flick). Syd and Vaugh are in search of an electromagnetic weapon, so they pose as a suburban married couple in a terrible, abominable place where everyone wears pastel colors and women know how to cook! (Oh, the pain! The pain!). Nice episode, where, to be honest, nothing really important happens. It seems to me that Abrams is focusing in relationships right now, in developing the humanity of the characters. Hey, I can live with that :)