Wednesday, January 26, 2005

So, about that guy named Oscar...

Now that you've seen the Oscar nominations list, tell me. Did you find anything wrong? Annoying? Unexplainable? Well in case you didn't, you'll have to forgive me but I got a couple of things to complain about:

First of all, how can you have Finding Neverland nominated for Best Picture and ignore Alexander Payne (the director) ? Why isn't Eternal Sunshine for the spotless mind nominated for best picture? How can you have Thomas Haden Church (NED!!!??) for best supporting actor and ignore Paul Giamatti for best actor? The movie is basically about both of them! One cannot work without the other! Why isn't Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow nominated for best Visual Effects? Are The passion of the Christ and The sea inside really the best they could think of for makeup nominations? Does anyone even remembers The Village score? What happened with Farenheit 9/11 ,one of the most seen documentaries of all times? And Kinsey?
Anyway... I just remembered that this is how the Academy works.
My predictions? A bunch of Oscars for The Aviator (including best movie), Oscar for Clint Eastwood (Director), Jammie Foxx (best actor), Morgan Freeman (supporting role), Hillary Swank (best actress), Natalie Portman supporting role), The Incredibles for animated film (If Shrek 2 wins, heads will roll), Sideways (adapted screenplay), Eternal sunshine (original screenplay), and I, robot (visual effects).

So, this are my predictions. Any comments?
See you later, sinners. :)