Friday, January 21, 2005

She's back! She's meaner! She's...Ms.Mysterious *applause please*

I need vacations. NOW. Things have been pretty crazy this last couple of weeks. Mr.Marshmallow left (AGAIN), leaving Ominipotent Puedquito drowning in our sorrow and loneliness. My body and mind beg me to write again in this half-forgotten blog. I love my blog. I love to say stupid things. I love to think, even if it's just for a little while, that someone out there actually takes the time to read it. So, hopefully this week, things will get back to normal. I'm still trying to keep up with my new job, but I guess I'm about to get a grip on things.

In the meantime, I need to get a couple of things out of my system:
About Elektra...Ms. Garner I hope you have a plan B if this acting thing doesn't work out.
Is not that Elektra is a bad movie but...It's not a good movie either. It's better than Catwoman, that's for sure. It has nice visual effects, some nice choreographies and Jennifer Garner sure looks mean when she's kickin' evil butts.
Having said this, it's a pity that no one could think of a better story. The pace is slow, and the whole magical plot is not very convincing. What's interesting about Elektra is that she's a simple human that can fight and win everyone with her eyes closed. The lady knows how to do things! So why, oh why, Hollywood is so interested in changing every aspect of Marvel and DC characters? This characters, both superheros and villains, have survived decades just as they are! Just pick a good comic serie and voila! There's your movie. You can even use the comic as storyboard! Yeah, yeah. I complain a lot. I'm sorry. I just can't believe how someone manages to ruin a story with so much good material available around (I guess this is one of those questions I'll have to ask God if I ever get to meet him).

Sinners, don't despair! There's still hope on this earth! If you want to watch something interesting and nicely done, try Battlestar Galactica. I just had the opportunity to watch Episodes 1 and 2 (yeah, I know I'm way behind) and I got impressed by the visual effects, and most of all how interesting and human the characters are. If you've seen it, tell me about it. I want to know if it gets better ;)...If you haven't you should. I heard around that it having better ratings than Enterprise. Sorry my dear trekies. I'm quite fond of klingons and cute Federation captains, but if you don't make something fast, Enterprise will be lost in oblivion. And we don't want that, do we? We need good science fiction TV shows. We need to show the world that geeks rule! So wake up!!! Write good stories! Go where no one has gone before and take us to interesting and new, far away places!!'s good to be back :D