Friday, January 14, 2005

Oh, my poor broken heart!

Oh, ALIAS, ALIAS! Where have you gone, my beautiful and inspiring ALIAS?
What's happening with J.J. Abrams? Yeah, I know the guy is definetely NOT perfect (just remember: Lex Luthor from Krypton??!!!), but after having 6 months to think an interesting plot for Alias, he gives us THIS??!
Sorry, I'm offended by the TV show's idiot plot. Let just point out a couple of things:

First of all, who the HELL would be stupid enough to put Sloane in charge again? The guy is a manipulator, treacherous S.O.B. He is a traitor to it's own country! He even was executed! (okay, he survived but that's beyond the point). So, the guy's in charge again while Jack, Sydney, Dixon and Marshall follow his orders. Again.
Is it just me or this sounds too familiar? THIS is stuff from the first season! We are way beyond that! Where's the struggle now? Sloane is one of the "good" guys (for the time being), so, what's the point?
And I really have to complain also about the stupid, stupid plot that's going on between Jack, Sydney and Nadia (her half-sister). Sydney calls Jack a liar because he didn't told Nadia the truth about who killed her mother. BUT Sydney lied to her also, so what's she whining about??!!!

I'll stop complaining now. I feel a small hear-attack coming. Let's pray for things to get better.