Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Some fast news. Some good some bad. Let's start with the bad news.
- Britney Spears wants to direct a movie. I know, it's stupid and who cares really?. But I wanted you to realize that there's an baaad and evil world out there.
Now, here are the good news:
- Frank Miller, Jim Lee. Batman and Robin All stars. Summer. Oh yeah.
- V for vendetta!! The movie!!! If you haven't read the comic, do it. Right now. One of my favorite comics by Alan Moore and David Lloyd V..Tells the story of a guy that fights against the injustice of an oppressive political system, in an England that survived a terrible war. The Wachowski Brothers (Matrix) have written the screenplay and Natalie Portman's going to be in it.
- And last, but not least...ALIAS!!! TONIGHT!!!! WHEEEEE!!!!!! I'll tell you tomorrow how incredible it was...muahahaha.

That's it for now, but before I go to watch "Closer" with Mr. Marshmallow man, here's tonight song: Constant Craving by K.D. Lang. Oldie but goodie. Just heard it on the radio and man, it's just..Beautiful. Timeless. Oh luv luv...Heh Heh.