Saturday, March 12, 2005

Take me down to the paradise city (8)

Current Ms. Mysterious's state: Tired. REALLY tired. It's been a long week, my faithful sinners. But, alas! I survived. Now it's Saturday and I just want to sleep, but my beautiful blog's been neglected. I need to feed him with stupid words, with useless comments that probably no one will read, but that will make me feel powerful and...Mysterious? *sigh*. Anyway, I really have nothing to say but welcome to Fer and Piny, to this temple of wisdom that is the blogsphere. Yeap, fresh meat, sinners. Figuz's blog ( it's basically about his adventures and misadventures in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Yeah, the bastard works in a bar, lives near the beach, and meets interesting and sexy people. He's in a constant party. Damn him. On the other hand we have Piny's blog ( who just moved to Valencia, Italy and ...We'll have to wait to see what she's going to rant about. So, Welcome to paradise! Enjoy your bloggin :)