Friday, April 15, 2005

Daily Planet 's logo exclusive! Just for you, sinners!

Yes! This is an exclusive for all those five or six faithful sinners that read this blog. Well, my better half, Mr. Marshmallow, was walking down the street when he suddenly saw a big crowd in Wynyard (If I remember correctly it's a train station and a pretty important bus stop in downtown Sydney). So, as I was saying, crowded streets, two blocks closed and guarded by the police. What was going on? Bryan Singer and his crew were there filming a scene from the upcoming movie Superman Returns. The location was heavily guarded so Mr. Marshmallow could only see a couple of cars with Metropolis license plates and vans with the Daily Planet logo. He was able to talk to a policeman that told him that the scene the crew was filming consisted in Clark Kent walking down the street and suddenly stopping in front of a TV shop where he sees there's trouble going on and realizes it's a good moment to change clothes and save the world. OOOOOOOOOOH YES... Anyway, I hope Mr. Marshmallow will get us some other shots in the future. Hail Mr. Marshmallow, star reporter of ahm...ahm...Our blog! Whoohooo!! :) Posted by Hello