Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday, bloody Monday

Dark Angels follow me, over a godless sea
- Why should I cry for you?
by Sting

It's just one of those days. You finally stop going with the flow. You finally take a minute from your routine. You finally take a look around you. You look back and see the path full of unaccomplished dreams.
Dreams are still here with you, but they're finally losing it's color. Years ago they had shiny colors. Now, they're just...Grey.
Am I finally settling with what I have? Is it okay to do it? Have I passed to that moment when I just can't turn back and fix everything that's wrong? Was there even a moment like that?

Anyway... Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to live with the memories of the past, of broken, unfulfilled dreams. Even if my life it's good I wonder if ten years from now I'll cry in the shadows for all those wasted moments that aren't coming back.

Tonight, Ms. Mysterious wonders.