Saturday, April 02, 2005

The JLA stole my memories

I've always wondered why I don't remember a lot of things. Yes, Ms. Mysterious has a terrible memory...(But I guess now I can blame the JLA).
Okay, before we start, just a small comment about the last post:
It was Mr. Marshmallow's idea. (Hey, I'm not going to hell with him. Hot infernal weather it's not good for my skin.) Anyway.. Long live freedom of speech! ..Or whatever! Now, let's continue with our post, shall we?

It's a couple of minutes after midnight and I ate way too much ice-cream today. Yeah, those bastards at DC comics. I had to overcome my sadness by eating junk food. I finally read Identity crisis and DC Countdown and man, they're sooo sad. As Mr. Marshmallow said a couple of posts ago, I know that some of you hated big time this comics. Yes, they have big plot holes. They have stupid reasoning and in a way they destroy the balance within the League; But I guess in the end (and in this case I'm talking specifically about Identity) they give us an accurate portrayal of the human side in the superheros. Yes, they have superpowers and great fighting skills. Yes, they wear costumes and travel on invisible jets, or armored cars. Yes, they have high- tech gizmos and watch the world from a base in outer space. But at the end of the day they're regular guys, just like you and me, that sometimes make really bad decisions. And yes, they do have to deal with the consequences from taking those decisions.
They're not PERFECT.
And for me, this is reassuring. I want heroes, but also flesh and blood characters, people I can relate to in some way. Let's take for example Batman. He's angry. He's lonely. He bleeds, he hurts. He can fight people from other galaxies or god knows what, but what matters at the end of the day, what makes you love the character is that he's human. Imperfect. That even though he's so flawed, he keeps on trying. And sometimes he fails. And sometimes he wins.
So, for all of you that hated Identity Crisis because you saw a dark and weak side of your heroes, think about it again. Isn't that why we love them? Because in the end, they can make mistakes, just like us?