Friday, July 29, 2005

The last four. ( No, nothing to do with the Fantastic Four)

I've tried to stay calm, to wait and see what happens...But I'm weak! I have to say something. Would someone PLEASE choose the new BOND? Stop playing with my mind, let's say a name and get on with it! I'm still not very convinced with the final four contenders. Alex O'Lachlan (Australian) Henry Cavill (22-year-old!! Englishman) and Goran Visnjic, (Croatian) look pretty sexy... While Ewan Stewart, (Scottish, 42 years old) just looks wrong for the part. I have nothing against him, is just that the Bonds I grew up with are nothing like him. On the other hand, what is a 22 year old doing in the competition? I know they want to revitalize the franchise but how will they avoid turning a Bond movie into a teen movie? (Suddenly the idea of James Bond in a prom comes to my mind...) MY. GOD.
On the other hand I guess it can't be THAT bad.. There was a nice little 80's movie with Richard Grieco called If looks could kill (Teen agent in the UK) and it was cool back then.
Hell, what am I saying, they're going to destroy Bond! WAHHH!!!!!!!!

Okay, so, summing up, we have three cute guys, one not so cute that no one knows how the hell he ended up on the Bond list, we have a movie company trying to make a bold move and a sick Ms. Mysterious slowly running out of patience.

Oh, life used to be so simple back in the old days!!...
Yeah, right.