Monday, July 25, 2005

OH NO!!! What will happen now!! How will the internet survive!!!

NEWSARAMA.COM – BRIAN SATURDAYS: "1.) If you could take back either of the above, which would you rather have kept your mouth shut for... a.) 'ruining' the potential DD/Batman crossover, or b.) grossly overstating the impact of the last page of HoM #3 to the point where no one will ever believe anything you say... EVER AGAIN!?
I don’t take back the internet cracking in half comment but I do see there was a huge typo involved. Its issue #7 that will crack the internet in half. Its issue #7, not three. Sorry for the confusion. :)"

An I hear that the big shock is that Monkey Joe returns from the dead... ...(that was a lame issue three of House of M by the way... yes, we still review comics around here...or have... sometimes, maybe, at some point in the future.. okay, we thouht about it).