Thursday, July 21, 2005

Those damn muggles...

Pope Benedict believes the Harry Potter books subtly seduce young readers and "distort Christianity in the soul" before it can develop properly, according to comments attributed to him by a German writer.

Excuse me, are my eyes deceiving me? Am I drunk or something? HOW on Earth is it possible that people, (and by people I mean the now Pope, one of the most powerful persons on Earth) still have that prehistoric notion that a fiction book (in this case Harry Potter), is a bad influence for our souls? Why is people still eager to find the worst of everything that exists?

Really, what the h... *sigh*

A couple of years ago I ended working at my old annoying Catholic school as a teacher, and since just one out of like 100 kids read in Numbtown, (thanks greatly to the boring books schools chose for them) I decided to introduce them to Harry Potter. Out of a class of 35 girls only 4 had read any of them, but when I proposed reading it for our course all of them were eager to read it. What happens next? Well, the school banned it. The board said it was PAGAN.

It was one of those moments when I really hated living in this stupid society that preaches values, but that all that they do is turn everything they set their eyes on in filth.

Everything that is not ordinary, that breaks a little with their harmonious world is a sin.

Anyway, my consolation was to think that that only happened in certain places, third world countries, small fanatic communities. That people with no real education had this ideas. People that was not aware of things that happened in the rest of the world, people that live in a plastic bubble, pretending that everything is just black or white.

Now I read that the new Pope is one of those people? Aren't they supposed to be educated, and learn to see the difference between something that can be negative to a society or something that can be beneficial? OPEN YOUR F#&#* EYES!!! These books are making people read. They are making generations get together and celebrate something magical. These are stories for kids! This is fiction! Kids are using their imagination! Dreaming! Hoping! The fact that you have wizards and witches doesn't make a story pagan! The fact that the hero uses magic doesn't mean that everyone's going to start killing chickens, drinking their blood and turning their neighbors into toads!!!
It really annoys me when someone just looks the way to turn something really good and magical into something unworthy.

Okay maybe I'm overeacting. Maybe Benedict didn't really said all that about Harry Potter. Maybe it's all a mistake. But still, there are people (and I know quite a few of them) that think that way.

Guys, can you just for one second stop looking for the negative things in the world and look the positive side of it? Try to enjoy life for a change...