Sunday, October 09, 2005

PRAISE THE LORD! The last son of Krypton has returned!

Finally, Smallville is becoming what we all shameful sinners have been waiting for.
Last night I had my weekly cyber se..AHEM romantic date with Mr. Marshmallow and we saw (among many other things) Smallville's s5e1 "Arrival".
We were left with Smallville being hit by a meteor shower (yes, again), Lana discovering a kryptonian spaceship after her helicopter crashed and Clark ending up in the North Pole.

I will not give a lot of details, I don't want to spoil it for you in case you haven't seen it. Just let me tell you that the show finally resembles more to Superman comics than to Dawson's creek.
Our favorite characters return: Evil Lex is well, finally looking evil, popsicle Chloe gets herself intro trouble (as usual), sexy papa and mama Kent show their endless love for each other (awwww aren't they cute?) ,Lana's just about to have a nervous breakdown, and hot Clark, well... He's going through big changes.
But most important of all my dear sinners, we have the fortress of solitude! Bad Kryptonians destroying and killing everything in sight! The phantom zone! What else is there in life?

So, if you're thinking of NOT watching this show, after watching last season's endless stories of witches and stones and all that crap, think about it twice. Even the opening credits are new and improved! I got a good feeling about this, sinners. This season things are gonna get interesting in Smallville...

Oh yeah, and another thing. We'll finally watch Clark and Lana naked on the same bed. Yeah baby!!! Hey, is good to know that at least SOMEONE is having fun...