Friday, November 25, 2005

Hello Mr. Bond! Au revoir, Pat and Sydney!

Gooooooooooooooooood Morning, sinners!!! Some news for this glorious Friday morning:

- 007's Casino Royale will begin shooting next February, Daniel Craig and M included. Locations will include Bahamas and Prague. The movie will be released in Nov 17th, 2006 in the US and of course, in Australia it will be ONE MONTH LATER! (God is punishing me)

-In other not so happy news Pat Morita (aka Mr.Miyagi) died of natural causes yesterday at the age of 73. Long live Mr. Miyagi! ( Wax on wax off, sinners)

- As Mr. Marshmallow man said last post, Alias is finito! Kaput! The TV show will say a final goodbye on May 2006. THANK GOD.
It's so sad when a good show such as Alias ends this way. Stupid, empty storylines. When Vaugh died and I realized I didn't care at all, well, that was the end for me. I still had hoped that things would improve, but sadly they didn't. Seasons one and two were absolutely fantastic. Season three was not so good, but still, it had some great moments. Season four was just boring, and season five is just TERRIBLE. I've been watching the episodes but it's been a real punishment. Now, I'm just happy that they're putting it out of its misery. At least they'll show a little dignity.
Oh well, Sydney Bristow was a goddess, even though it was for a brief moment in our lives. So, goodbye agent Bristow! Thanks for all the a$$ kicking and the cool breathtaking moments.