Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sinners rejoice! There's still life after twenty eight!

My life after birthday no. twenty eight:
Got tickets for Pearl Jam concert! Day: December 7th. Place: Numbtown
Got a lot of chocolates. Yup. I've been eating a lot lately.
Went to play Gotcha. I got my ass kicked. (I got to go back soon and defend my honor).
Been reading Narnia Chronicles. Now I dream with talking powerful lions.

Hmm. Yeah, I think that's pretty much it. Oh, yeah! I almost forgot... Say hello to Ms. Mysterious, proud student of Southbank Institute in Brisbane, Australia. Yeap, I've been accepted, tuition's been paid, and my Marshmallow man still loves me and wants me there by his side so I can protect him from killer koalas.
Oh yeah. My life's going to change. I'll be far, far away from the place I call home, from my friends, my family, my life. I'll speak a different language from my own, I'll face new traditions, new ways of thinking... I wonder how much I'll change. Who will I react to this huge change. I wonder if my people will forget me. And yes, it sounds scary , but what can I do but live? In Neil Gaiman's immortal words:

Some things area changeless. People love, and die, they dream, destroy,despair, go mad. They fulfill their destinies, live out the course of their lives.

Will I go mad? Probably. Will I keep on dreaming? Sure. Will I follow my heart and love until I bleed? Definitely.

Love sure makes you act weird. Sure, there's so much you can loose, but it's worth the risk. So, I'll keep you posted. These are the first steps towards change. In the next months you'll be a witness of the ending of my old life and the beginning of a new one. I will die and live again. Will I survive this transition?
Guess you'll have to read this blog to find out :)