Friday, November 18, 2005

Irrefutable proof of God's existence!!

There is a God, now I'm absolutely sure about it. The proof:

Damn! I can hardly describe what I felt when I saw it. But let's go back to last night at 12:01, when Ms. Mysterious (moi) was sitting at the movie theater. Yes, she was happy and anxious because she was about to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But that was not all, no sir. She was even more excited because she was finally going to watch superman return's trailer. Lights went out, I held my breath. Guess what happened? The bastards decided not to show it!. But I soon forgot my discontent 'cause HP was so damn good! (I'll rant about this later, let's focus now on Supes).
I arrived home at 3:00 am and I had to get up to work a couple of hours later, so, to make this story short, I downloaded the teaser at 3 pm today.
My heart was beating faster and the world outside seemed to have stopped. I put on my headphones, got as close as I could to my computer screen and pushed play.

Then I heard Brando's voice "Even though you've been raised as a human being your not one of them ..." The music started playing ...We see the Kent farm...Teenage Clark leaping over the corn fields...The Daily planet... Lois ... Superman watching over us...

I couldn't stop smiling... I even have to admit that tears of joy came out of my eyes. What can I say? This is so much more than a movie. A lot of my friends ask me what so important about Superman? Why is this comic character wearing blue and red pajamas so important in my life?

There's a reason why Superman has endured throughout the years. Why his symbol is recognized and respected all over the world.

As Brando says in the trailer "...They can be great people Kal- El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way..."

That's who Superman is. He reminds us that we're not alone, that we're here to help each other. That we're here to share the pain and the joy of being alive, of being human; Of being different and at the same time of being the same. Superman is the one that gives hope when we think there's no justice, nothing worth fighting for in this life. He makes us believe there's someone that cares and at the same time that all of us can be great, as long as we try our best. He might be from another planet, but he's as human as us. He bleeds, he cries, he laughs and he loves. He looks for answers and hopes for the best.
Superman is more than a comic book character. Superman is everything we should be; He's the light that shows the way. Posted by Picasa