Sunday, July 23, 2006

When the time is right and the night is bright (8)...

The place: The Riverstage, Brisbane, Kangarooland
The date: July 22nd, 2006
Yes, my dear sinners, I took Mr. Marshmallow to his very first concert (sorry, Bryan Adams in Universal Studios doesn't count). For the very first time in his not so young life, Mr. Marshmallow enjoyed the jumping, the slamming, the surfing, the kicking, the screaming, plus the smell of pot from the neighbors. It was a greaaaaat night of sweat and great music by these three aussies that are teaching the world how to rock again the old fashion way. I dare to say that if these guys keep this way, in ten years they will be our very own modern legends.
The only complaint I might have about the concert is the lack of new songs from the band. But I forgive them. That's something that they will improve with time.
Anyway, besides Wolfmother we also had the chance to listen to the Swedish band Dungen, whose music was surprisingly good, although I got a little bit tired by the Robert Plant wannabe attitude of the vocalist Gustav Ejstes, but hey, I guess if you're a rockstar you're allowed some theatrics.
So, to summarize: Great gig, great night. Congratulations, Mr. Marshmallow on your baptism. May this be the beginning of a whole life filled with music.