Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fly me to the mooon (8)

This week has been boring. No interesting news. Yes, I know there's a world out there's chaos and there are sad things happening but I never *feel* like writing about any of that. Nope, nothing to rant about really. Nothing to complain about! (just that I'm chubby, but I'm still on denial, so I won't talk about THAT) Damn, I don't even feel like complaining about my life.
Oh I know! I could talk about the three new planets that we'll have to learn their names that are part of our galaxy!! Yeeey!! So yeah, now we have the planets Charon, Ceres and UB313. Yup, UB313 is NOT the official name. It would SUCK if that was the best name they could think of. Is just as if you had Harry, Larry and ZT400, or Huey, Louie and FR987, or.. Okay you get the idea. I know, I know! Let's name the planet! Hm.. I would name it... Planet Yourname. Or Planet Chocsundae. Or or or.... OKAY! I'm bored! Mr. Marshmallow almost killed me because I couldn't recite the nine planets in order! It's been a WHILE since I got out of elementary school, you know! I tend to forget things! But alas! I know them now! (Ms. Mysterious spent 3 minutes refreshing her memory, after Mr. Marshmallow threatend to break up with her)
Men! * sigh* And yes, this was a lousy post.