Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ms. Mysterious' new love

Yes, my dear sinners, Ms. Mysterious has a new toy. No, it's not THAT kind of toy you sick bastards! It's an acoustic guitar (an Ibanez V70). The sound is pretty crappy, (hey, I'm a poor immigrant and no - I don't know yet if the crappy sound is just me or the guitar - I guess it's a little bit of both) but hey, at least she's a pretty good looking guitar. It's black. And we all know that black guitars look sexy. Yup...soon I'll have my whole legion of groupies, muahahahaha.

Anyway, today, August 3, 2006, I baptize her. And the world shall know her as...

Yeah, I like the name. I sure spent 10 long minutes trying to think of it. (If you have a better idea I guess I can still change her name. Yeah, I'm easily swayed)

So, it's time to make my fingers bleed and my neighbors hate me. Rock on!