Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ms. Mysterious wants to be a band-aid (or win the lottery)

No, not groupie. A Band aid. (Just watch Almost Famous if you have no idea what I'm talking about) Oh, sweet old times. Last year I went to the ACL (Austin City Limits) with Rob, and had a great time (even though he almost dies of heat exhaustion). We were able to see and hear great bands such as Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, Arcade Fire, Kaiser Chiefs, and The Decemberists. Back then I really didn't care much about most of the bands. Maybe I wasn't so informed about the latest bands back then. Or they were not what I was listening at the moment. Or..whatever. The thing is that a friend of mine was bragging that he had tickets for this year's ACL. I didn't hate him until I saw the line up:
John Mayer
Tom Petty
Gnarls Barkley

Massive Attack

Flaming Lips
Ben Harper

Aimee Mann

etc, etc..
Did I mention that MUSE is going to play?
WAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! You have no idea how I'm dying to go to a concert of those guys. It had been a while since I fell in love with a band in this way. (And yes, I have to admit that I even have a crush with Matt Bellamy (vocals and guitar)...He kind of reminds me to The Doctor. (Yup, I'm hopeless). Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed, because rumor has it that Muse will come to Kangarooland to play in Big Day Out (pretty big music festival, or so they say). In the meantime, Ms. Mysterious is getting ready to buy her Clapton tickets on Monday morning. I definitely need to win the lottery or something if I really want to go to all the cool concerts that arrive to town.I already have tickets for Pearl Jam and Billy Joel, but I had to control myself and not buy for Queenryche.. *sniff* Anyway, Praaaise the Looooord for we have good music coming to town!