Sunday, July 18, 2004

Four blue apostles, one fat green guy and the Savior of us all

Yes, I know. This is old news but what did you expect? I needed time. My heart was broken. I had no reason to live. I looked up to the sky and I asked why God, why? Who is the IDIOT that decided that Jack Black (School of rock, Shallow Hal) would be a good GREEN LANTERN? I have nothing against the guy. I think he can be amusing sometimes, but to make a comedy out of one really Cool AND powerful character?...guys this is blasphemy. I wonder if the same guys that decided to make CATWOMAN a stripper are  behind this.
What about the casting for the FANTASTIC FOUR movie?  I'm sorry but all this project is, (and I really hope I'm wrong), going down the lane of embarrasing movies of all time. Will Michael Chiklis (The Shield) as THE THING and Chris Evans (Not another teen movie) as Johnny Storm (aka the HUMAN TORCH) will be able to show their love-hate relationship on screen?   Jessica Alba as Sue Storm? I can see the know, white, blonde chic. You can really believe  is Chris Evans sister...yeah...right. Ioan Gruffudd  as Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic? hmm...he might be able to pull it off. But still....I believe there are more actors out there that are more appropriate for this roles. Or who knows? maybe this turns out to be one of the greatest movies of all time!
Ok, who am I kidding? this movie is going to be a disaster. *sigh*

So, after grieving for a couple of hours (ok and everytime I have to watch the Catwoman trailer or poster when I go to the movies), tonight, while I looked at the sky, once again, asking why oh why bad ideas are thought by wealthy powerful people, good news came.
No, pizza still makes you fat.No, I didn't get the power to desintegrate annoying people around me. No, money is not falling from the sky. Although if it makes you happy, I believe that stupid people is...
Ok do you want the good news or not? (yes, I have this "thing"...yeah I like talking with myself. Is comforting to have someone as me to talk to)

Ok the news... Remember the SUPERMAN  movie? the one Warner has been trying to do the last couple of years? Yeah it started as another brilliant idea that included Nicholas Cage (8mm, Leaving las Vegas) as the bald Man of Steel... then it continued a couple of years later with  some other great ideas that included everything, from Ashton Kutcher (That 70's show, Dude where's my car) as Supes, then McG (Charlie's Angels) as the director for this REALLY important  project,then a script by a J.J. Abrahms (writer of Alias- which I LOOVE, but that's another story) that ended with Lex Luthor flying and announcing to the world that he too was from Krypton, etc, etc.*sigh*

But alas! at least, there's some light at the end of the tunnel.

According to Aint-it-cool-news, it seems that BRYAN SINGER, director of The Usual Suspects, and even more important for the matter at hand, X-MEN, and X2, has already signed for the Superman movie and is now officialy ON BOARD.  YEEEEHAAAAAA!!!!

[The mighty misterious woman (ME) makes her little dance, thanking the gods]

Also with him are Michael Dougherty & Dan Harris, also part of the X2 team, who will start all this project from scratch -that means no more alien Luthor-. The movie will probably be called SUPERMAN RETURNS (but you know how studios change their mind all the time)

Now we can rest that they will eagerly find the best story for the greatest hero of all time. The one that makes us remember that it's good to fight for what's right. The one that makes us believe we can be better, stronger. Not just in the outside, but on the inside. The one that reminds us that we can leave our petty differences behind and learn from each other. The one that makes us believe that no matter how much rubbish, and pain, and dissapointments we'll have to deal with in our lives, we can still remain true to ourselves.


Be happy. In one way or another, He exists.
Got to go now. Catholic fanatics with burning crosses are trying to break my door.