Saturday, August 28, 2004

In the name of the Bat, the Boyscout and the Babe. Amen.

Saturday afternoon. I wonder what can I do to have fun? Maybe I'll go to a free concert...or a museum...I know! To the beach! Hmm...Oh gosh! I forgot I' m stuck in Numbtown, where everyday twice as boring as the day before! Yipeee!!
So, I try to make my day as painless as possible. What do I really do? I read another good comic, this time it was Superman/Batman/ Wonder Woman: Trinity , by writer/artist Matt Wagner. I'm sorry, I'm going to SPOIL and expose many little beautiful details of this trade (Issues 1, 2 and 3). The hell with if someone is reading this cathartic and illuminating blog. Your loss. :)

Well, let's start with the obvious. The characters. It's always a real pleasure when you read a comic with great, classic icons such as these three guys. And even better when the writer knows how to portray each of their personalities into the story. In my humble opinion, this comic is great because of the details. Trinity is about first times: The first time they meet. The first time Batman sees Wonder Woman's invisible jet and secretly craves for one. The fist time Wonder Woman watches Superman in action and gets moved by his bravery and goodness. The fist time Batman and Superman visit Themyscira and get inspired by it's perfection. The first time they all have to fight the almost invincible Bizarro. The first time they learn to trust each other.

Yeah, there's also a story going on, there's Ra's al Ghul involved, Bizarro, nuclear warheads, evil plans to leave the world in total chaos and an epic battle at Themyscira, but all of this really becomes secondary. You just can't avoid smile when you see Wonder Woman and Batman complain about each other's methods to fight crime. Or when you learn that Clark misses in purpose a train in Metropolis every week to keep up appearances. Or even when something unexpected happens such as Batman running into Aquaman for some brief seconds, miles below at sea.

So I tell you, people. Everything comes down to details. To moments. Little things that define ifit was worth spending an hour or so reading a comic book. Or if we think a little further, maybe small moments such as playing xbox with your very own marshmellow/ wombat man 'till three in the morning, walking down the beach with your significant other or by yourself, enjoying a solitary and silent moment, a family picture day in the city with Omnipotent Puedquito and Mighty Pulgoso as people watch you as if you were a raving lunatic, or freezing to death with your best friend as you seat on the floor, watching the sea on a dark, winter night while you listen to good live music. Yeah... moments are what count in the end... So I can't complain. Whether on "real" life or reading this comic book, in the end, it was good.

Guess these valium flavour ice-cream it's working after all.