Wednesday, August 25, 2004

It's groundhog day!!! Again.

Have you ever seen that movie with Bill Murray, Groundhog day? It's about a guy that re-lives the same day over and over again. Well, this happens in Numbtown. Every day you wake up and it's always the same. And I have to re-live it over and over and over and over again. Why I can't re live a day with pizzas, movies and cute guys? In a more interesting place? I don't now, maybe to re-live one day in the female version of playboy mansion. (me of course being Hugh and cute sixpack guys feeding me with ice cream) ..Oh cruel destiny

I know. I've been complaining a lot. Swear I'll soon as I GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!! Bartender! Bring a prozac on the rocks!

Ok enough with the whining. Let's continue our divine work of stupidity:
Today I finally got some moments of peace and quiet around here. And what did I do? Read comics of course. (Now, I just remind you that we little people on third world countries don't get comics so easily so whatever review or comment I make about an on-going series might be old news for you. Indulge me.)

One of my favorite series of the last year has been Y: the last man, by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. Imagine there's a plague that kills all mammals on earth with Y chromosome. Yeah. That includes men. Everyone dies, but one: Yorick Brown (and Ampersand, his monkey...but that's another story) And what happens on earth? well what it would happen of course: total mayhem. Yeah, because we're just some bimbos and our favorite hobby is to shop and talk about what other people's wearing. (although now that I think about it...) Anyway, this guy has a girlfriend living in Australia (oooh beautiful place), and he starts a long, difficult journey to find her. But it's not going to be so easy. There are some women that just would love to make him a sex slave...others that just want to kill him. Because you know, now that there're no men left is the intelligent think to do. What girl wouldn't like to be in an eternal piyama party without men? *sigh*

So the thing get's complicated more and more. The new U.S. president decides that Yorick is the only hope for the human race, so he makes a small detour, now accompanied by agent 355, (a girl that can kick anyone's butt) to find a cloning expert, Dr. Allison Mann. Yadda yadda yadda, a lot of things happen in the way, Israelis want him too, his sister is now a deadly amazon with a
mission to kill him (hey what's family for?), etc etc..
Sounds interesting? well believe me, it is. This is one of those comic books that you just can't
have enough of it. As you read it you really feel part of this chaotic world, and you wonder how
would you react? You start imagining all your male friends gone...all great more more Dream more more MICK! Imagine..a world filled with Britneys! *breathe Ms. Misterious, breathe* No more more Coppola or Tarantino...I could go on and on, but it really would be depressing. (Note: this doesn't mean that there are no talented females out there, but reality is that we're still outnumbered by men)
By the way, have I told you how much I love trades? Y: the last man has currently three books: Unmanned, Cycles, and One small step. All of them are really great (although I have to be honest, I believe the the 2 issues of "Comedy and tragedy" in Cycles are a bit too long and about people I really don't care to know their lives...I want to know what happens to THE MAN, you know!) But overall is a really great freakin comic. I think they even are in talks to make a movie. If they do, hope they do it right, otherwise I really will whave to take my bazooka and exterminate people with extra S chromosomes (yeah stupidity chromosome...we all have it you know)
Gotta run. I feel my S chromosomes starting to multiply like gremlins. This new environment is the responsible. Yes...I'm afraid it's contagious. Join the resistance filthy sinners! We can still survive! Just send your donations to 1800 I HATE IT HERE and you'll recieve one free " glass of water" coupon!
Ok I'll shut up now.