Tuesday, November 16, 2004

French people also have nice little tunes

Now that I think about it, they also make pretty decent food. Oh le crepes! Mon dieu!. Anyway, time to go to sleep. But before that, the song of the day (the one that I stuck with me all day long, don't ask me why). Run, run, run by Phoenix. All I know is this is a French band (for those of you who hate French, don't worry, they sing in English). Their songs are pretty transparent and straight forward and maybe this is the beauty of this song. Catchy melodies and simple beats are what you will get. It's nothing out of this world, (Is it pop? Indie pop? Can you call it that way? I don't know) but what I do know is that at least two of their songs are pretty good "Run, run, run" and "Everything is everything". If you try to listen to their whole album you probably will be very dissapointed (it's pretty flat and lacks energy), but at least give a chance to these two songs. Come on, filthy sinners! Try something new! And if you have any complains...talk with my plush toy lawyer Mr. Mighty Pulgoso.
Ms. Mysterious will sleep now. Later!