Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Yeah. We all screw up sometimes.

My mistake. The song we're using for our Tae Kwon Do exhibition is called Red Warrior, by Hans Zimmer, from the movie The Last Samurai. And guess what? Ms. Mysterious is no longer holding the stupid flag. Heh heh heh.
Today's song (beside the one that's still playing inside my head over and over again thanks to our neverending practices), Tender surrender, by guitar virtuoso, Steve Vai. Smooth, heartfelt ballad. Perfect to listen to it on a cold night as you watch the rain fall. If you like that one, also check out For the love of God and Boston rain melody... Your soul will melt as you listen that guitar play. And maybe, if you're crazy enough, you'll even try to play guitar. Yes, I'm weak and I impressionable and have absolutely no qualities for anything. But, I sure know how to have fun. :P