Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sky Captain saves the day!! Geeks rejoice!

I finally saw Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow. And sinners, it was a hell of a ride. Maybe I can start by saying how from the moment get to your seat and the first images appear, you know that movie is definitely going to be different. Full of imagination and energy, Sky
makes homage to a old black and white series, radio shows, comic books and 30's and 40's movies, such as Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Superman, The war of the worlds, Lost Horizon and many others.
The year is 1939. The adventure starts when New York is attacked by an army of flying robots and Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) teams up with Joe Sullivan aka Captain Sky (Jude Law) to find out who's responsible for this. Now is up to them to save the world.
Law and Paltrow are just great. Their relationship on screen reminds you of great couples like Hepburn and Tracy, Grant and Hepburn (hmm...someone love's Katherine Hepburn's movies), Colman and Wyatt (remember that 1937 movie, Lost Horizon?... I'll just say one word:
Shangri- La), Bogart and Bacall. Is the perfect love- hate relationship we all love to watch.

And yes! There's a a great actor that appears in the movie and he died back in the eighties. Who is it? How is this possible? Guess you better watch it. He was the Master, and he truly deserves to be re-introduced to this uneducated generation.
By the way, Angelina Jolie is just a godess. Period.

The movie has a unique look, as it was all computer generated, with the exception of course of the actors, who did almost all of their scenes in front of a blue screen. And the colors used in the movie? Just perfect. They set you in the right mood, every scene in the movie is like watching an old photograph.
I won't say anything else, I don't want to spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it. (That means you, my dear Mr. Marshmellow man) Let me just recommend you to go with someone as geek as you. You'll have twice the fun ;)

This movie is a journey to a fantastic world, full of old fashion heroes. It has mystery! Romance! Adventure! Handsome guys! Beautiful lethal girls! Crazy gadgets! Happy endings! What else do you need!?
You. Gotta. Watch. It.