Tuesday, November 16, 2004

In space no one can hear you Superspeak

The first picture is that of planet Earth. The second picture is Space. Earth is full of grass, flowers, people and stuff. Space is also filled with stuff, but it is so darn huge that well it is for all purposes quite empty. Earth is also full of air. Space is, well, not. Air allows living things like you, me, everything else that moves and a bunch of other stuff to breathe, live, and listen to sounds. You see, air allows the movement of sound waves from a source to a receiver, and is in fact quite good at it. Space being quite empty and without a lot of air doesn't really work very well in the sound thing. Ergo, if, say you were on Earth and saying to yourself "What on earth is he talking about?" you would in fact hear yourself saying "What on earth is he talking about?". Here, try it, I'll wait. There, see! Now, assuming that you were somehow able to be in space right at this moment, and that you wouldn't be instantly killed, if you were to open your mouth and say to yourself "Cool! I'm in space!" you would hear yourself saying " ". Now by this point you are probably thinking, Well I kinda knew that! That is obvious! Everyone knows that you can't talk in space! Allow me to introduce you to exhibit A:

"Hello, I'm Superman/Batman #13, I am a guilty pleasure of The mighty Pulgoso. I've apparently been written by someone who absolutely no idea that you....CANNOT SPEAK IN SPACE!!!! Not even if you are a Kryptonian, or a Demi-God. Geez... And please don't even think about throwing the Mother Box excuse at me will ya?
P.S yes I know that it is stupid to complain about people talking in space when they are next to the freakin' sun and still alive, but invulnerability is a superman thing... speaking in space is not.
-The mighty Pulgoso-