Tuesday, December 21, 2004

About comics, movies and stupid Christmas carols...

Too many things to write about and so little time...So let's begin:
SIN CITY trailer is now on line. Based on the comic written by Frank Miller and directed by Robert Rodriguez, this movie will sure be one of the best comic adaptations to date. (Just watch the damn trailer ok?)

Talking about comic adaptations....It seems Warner Bros. is finally thinking about using some of their beloved characters and make some money. They got Batman...Superman is coming...And now Flash and Wonder Woman are the next superheros to fight for their own movie. Ryan Reynolds (Blade: Trinity) is being considered for the role of Wally West (The Flash), while Sarah Michelle Gellar and Charisma Carpenter (Buffy and Cordelia from the TV show "Buffy the vampire slayer") are fighting for the role of Princess Diana. Yup. Wonder Woman. Maybe it's just me but I really have and issue with the possibility of a WW movie. I love the character (when it's written correctly), but I guess it's one of those things that's REALLY hard to put on screen. Starting with WW's outfit... It's classic, I know, but actually watching someone wearing it and fight crime with it ..Well... And it's just like Superman's outfit..There are limits of how much you can change it.

Now, about XMen franchise...I WANT my X3 movie!!!! I know Bryan Singer's got his hands full right now with a little movie called Superman..But he has to do the Xmen's third movie. And he's got to do the phoenix saga (I have no idea how, but thank god that's his job, not mine..heh heh). Anyway, the studio wants to release X3 on 2006. Let's wait and see.

So that's it for now. Now I'll continue cultivating my Christmas spirit and shoot all the people that are listening annoying Christmas carols on their cars. Next year it will be a national sport sinners, you'll see. Could someone tell me why, oh why, these songs exist? And why 80% of the world population decides it's a good idea to hear them all day long , turning all their volume up so EVERYONE around them can have their ears bleed to death? No wonder suicide rates go up on Christmas time....
Yeap. Call me the Grinch.