Sunday, January 30, 2005

Cute Clark is back!!

Smallville's back! Season four finally continues with episode 11 "Unsafe".
Okay, there's a girl named Alicia (Remember her from s3ep14 "Obsession"? No? Me neither) that is released from the cuckoo's hospital and wants to have a relationship with Clark. I guess that means she's not so crazy anymore. Who wouldn't want a relationship with the man of steel?
So... That's basically episode 11.
Yes, I know. Not very interesting to be honest. BUT, we have shirtless Clark again and we know now that Chloe had her first crazy night of passion and wild sex with... (Beware! SPOILER coming) JIMMY OLSEN!!!!. Sorry, I had to say it. That was really really cool, made Mr.Marshmallow and me laugh for a while (Yes, we find this amusing. We're geeks ) Also, it's funny to see how the show suddenly turns into a campaign to inform teenagers about sex. Oh, I felt so ... Old (heh, heh)

In the end, even though this is not a great episode, I gotta admit it's nice to have Clark back. Let's wait to see what the rest of this season will bring. Hopefully more Clark scenes without a shirt.. heh heh. God Bless TV!