Thursday, April 28, 2005

She's alive!!!

I know, I've been neglecting my beautiful and useless blog, so here are a couple of lines of things that caught my attention today...

-It seems that Pierce Brosnan will be James Bond one more time in Casino Royale. (Thank GOD. No Orlando Bloom for now)

- Someone knows about my growing addiction to 24 and decided to make a comic book about the series. 24: Midnight sun, continues telling Jack Bauer's adventures and misadventures.

- If you have some spare time maybe you'll like to check "Blue tights network" . This site includes several Bryan Singer journals and videos that show you the developments in the Superman Returns movie
(Check video #8. Peter Jackson appears for a couple of seconds and MAN he's really thin... Maybe King Kong's eating Jackson's meals? *sigh*)

-Green Day is making the soundtrack for Batman Begins??...They're good, but not THAT good...

Okay. Bed. Now. ZzzzZZZzzzZZz. Later, sinners.