Sunday, April 24, 2005

We live in a beautiful world...Yeah we do (8)

Just as Colplay said, We live in a beautiful world. Oh yes. It's been a good week for television. Yesterday I was able to catch up with my favorite TV shows, and Alleluya! I was not disappointed.
Let's start with ALIAS. A hell of a TV show that was almost destroyed this fourth season. Thank god things started to get better since episode 11, when things finally started to happen. Yes, I'm truly convinced that JJ Abrams forgot this great show to pay attention to his newest idea, LOST (yes, it rules too). Anyway, episode 16 "Another Mister Sloane" showed us again strong, energetic characters and crazy, twisted plots, OOh...Just like the old days.

On the other hand we have Smallville, Episode 18 "Spirit". Thank god it had nothing to do with the annoying subplot of Lana and her ancestor, but another stupid, yet entertaining teen plot with the kryptonite- affected villain of the week. Hey, in the end, characters are what matter. We love to see Clark turning into the man of steel that we all adore. Yes, Ms. Mysterious was happy to see Clark dance with Lana in their prom. Sue me. I was in a romantic mood.

And finally, my new love, the doctor. Yes, DOCTOR WHO. This guy just makes
my day. Eccleston, the guy who portrays the doctor, knows how to deliver a great performance. He's funny and optimistic. And he sure knows how to have fun on the show.
So I saw episode 4 "Aliens of London" and I'm struggling not to watch the next one till next Saturday (TV date with Mr. Marshmallow...Don't ask). Damn! I can't... Control...Myself!!! This show is so cool. Cheesy, but entertaining from beginning to end. You never now what's going to happen next. You get to see aliens, other worlds, impossible and crazy situations and one of the greatest heroes ever. The doctor. I just love the guy. And yes, I won't say anything else, I hate to spoil things to people that have no idea what I'm talking about.

My recommendation? Watch these shows, sinners! I promise action, cute guys and sexy girls, cheesy special effects and the secret of the universe revealed! Ok...Forget the last thing. Just pure entertainment, sinners...That's all you need.