Monday, August 08, 2005

The evil teacher's back

Yup, I've been busy (and I'm also lazy, but that's another story). Today it was the first day of the semester. Met my dear students, and damn, it's going to be a loooong semester. I still don't understand why physical punishments are not allowed.*sigh* Oh, the good ol' days.
So, a brief, brief summary of things I've had on my mind:

About Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Director Mike Newell is using the film to "obliterate any sense of false innocence" in the magical tale.... He says " It's my view that children are violent, dirty, corrupt anarchists".
Your damn well they are!! ...Those bastards... Anyway, HP and the Goblet of Fire's been rated PG 13!! WHEEEE!!!! That's a good omen, sinners.

What else? A couple of hours ago I had the chance to watch VH1's Storytellers, featuring Bruce Springsteen in concert. I confess I have a new and improved respect for the man. He's a poet. I repent for my past ignorance. As I'm writing this useless post I listen to his last album, Devils and Dust... I'm getting to love the guy. You just have to get in the mood to listen to his music. Damn, I must be getting old.

Now, about Charlie and the Chocolate factory: I never saw the old version. Yes! SUE ME!.. But still, even though the movie is not a piece of art, is always fun to watch a Tim Burton movie, with of course Danny Elfman's music and the ultimate GOD Johnny Depp, portraying the most excentric, interesting, funny and complex character that he can. My recommendation: Have a chocolate orgy during the movie. Eat chocolates. Lots of them! Sin! SIN!

And I really don't want to know who's going to die on Infinite Crisis, and I really, really, really will kill something really bad happens to Bruce.
I need to sleep ZzzzzZzzz.... It's 11:30 and my first class is at 7:30 am * sigh* . Those damn vacations destroyed my sense of duty.
G'nite, sinners.