Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Thanks - Gracias - Merci - Gratzie - Danke ...

Yes! I'm still alive!! Be patient my dear sinners, someday soon I'll be able to sit in front of my computer, and rant about everything and nothing 'till my fingers bleed.
Things are moving faster. Days end sooner and you keep growing older. I can't complain, things are going great. I love my jobs. I love my boyfriend. My friends. Love my parents (yeah, I finally got over the teenager syndrome. I can actually say that I'm greatful for everything they did. Creepy don't you think?). Love fast food. Love good music. Love movies. Love the stars and the moon. Love feeling the sun burning my skin. I love a good stories. I love learning. So what am I saying here? Nothing really. I guess I just wanted to say something. Anything. Just let everything out. I'm saying THANKS to the Universe, to destiny, or Whoever is outthere watching. Life's good, even with the small obstacles we face everyday.
Would you care to join me?