Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Heh, heh... Get real

To Mr. Marshmallow man: My poor, poor, misguided love...You actually believe all the things you say about Rann, right?. Let me help you. Do I agree with you? Hell no. Let's be honest here. Girls dig cute, sexy, bare-chested winged warriors. Guys love macho hairy warriors that can kick lame, skinny, dudes. Come on! They wear spandex costumes! And they don't have the body for it. Sinners! Raise your hand if you want to watch a movie about weak blokes crying for love! Now raise your hands if you want to see some action, sex packed movie with flying guys waving a hammer and destroying puny people! Do you see it?? Yeah, my dear Mr. Marshmallow... Thannagar is the real winner here. HAIL THANNAGAR!!!