Saturday, September 10, 2005

So, the size of a man's foot , is the size of his...

Lots of good things are coming our way, my dear sinners!!! On September 28th we'll be blessed with Humberto Ramos and Paul Jenkin's Revelations #2. I haven't read the first issue and to be honest I'll wait 'till it's out on paperback. Having said this, I just LOVE Humberto Ramos' art. I can't wait to read something with his art in it. I was addicted to Crimson, even though I'm scared to death of vampires and I avoid reading anything about them. I bought Out There and keep on wanting more. Love big feet and big eyes, what can I say?
The story revolves around Detective Charlie Northern and his investigation of the death of a powerful cardinal. But in Vatican City things are not as they should be.
Since I was raised in a Catholic school and my whole family is really devoted, I've always found fascination in stories that talk about religion and the secrets of the Catholic Church. What's behind all that power? What happens when someone's such a believer that will do ANYTHING to defend and impose his beliefs?
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