Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Holy walking toasters!

Oh, my dear and faithful sinners! (yeah, I'm guess I'm talking to the two guys that actually read this blog: Mighty Pulgoso and Omnipotent Puedco. *sigh*. Anyway, it's been a while, and I have lots of things to say, (nothing really interesting though), and again, very little time.
What the hell, I should be doing homework, but I can take a minute or two to write a little.
First things first:

GALACTICA still RULES!!! I'm amazed how this second season's going. The plot is still interesting, the characters are deep and dynamic, and nothing is ever easy for this poor guys that have to run away from walking toasters.
A lot of questions keep arising inside my little head, and hell, I have NO idea what's going to happen next. What happened to Starbuck in Kobol? What's that scar she has on her belly? Is she going to have a cyclon baby? Was she cloned? Are there going to be more Starbucks?.. Which brings me to my next question.. There are still like eight cylon models we don't know of. Who are they? Is Adama one of them? Was the cylon saying the truth when he gave that information to the President? What's going to happen with Boomer's baby? What's going to happen between Boomer , Chief and Helo? Who is she going to love? And what's up with dear Doctor Baltar? Is he dreaming? Is he a cylon? Is there an implant inside his body? There are so many questions and NO ANSWERS, DAMMIT!!
Anyway.. I just LOVE this show. And you know what? I love it even more because Mr. Marshmallow says I'm his very own version of Starbuck. The only difference is that I'm not blonde. And I'm not the coolest pilot in the galaxy. And I don't have a Viper... Hmm.... Definitely. Love is blind.
So, if anyone has any ideas, theories or comments that can ease my mind, please tell me. I don't think that I can handle taking prozac for the rest of the season.