Monday, October 10, 2005

In this issue....

So what did I end up reading this week?
Well, I happenned to read Wonder Woman 221, which was a wonderful read (I really like what Rucka's done with the character.) I must admit that I'll be dissapointed if he happens to leave the book any time soon. But, having said that, I think that he has completely redefined Diana, and made her a real character, as well as having addressed her dichotomy quite succesfully. Plus, she gets angry and kicks major Omac butt. And this is all that I will say for now, because my sweet, sweet Ms. hasn't read "The Omac Project"

I also happened to get JSA 78, which was so-so. I was a real fan of this title for a long time, but these las couple of issues have sort of let me down. I couldn't really pinpoint to anything specific, it think that it's mostly the characters sort of becoming.. well annoying. I can't stand Hourman, finding him somewhat annoying and without much depth. Sand has become more of a plot device than anything else, and the less said about Mr. Candoanything the better... Yes, Ms. I admit it, I no longer think that Mr. Terrific is a good character, happy? there! I've said it. One character which I do enjoy, and one that could certainly hold his own series is Dr. Midnight. Give him a series DC! Anyway, in this issue the JSA decide to go and get Jakeem and the Thunderbolt. Kudos for a nice cliffhanger, but it's really more of a "wha huh?" moment, rather than a "Cool!"

And then I got the Return of Donna Troy #4... I've been reading comics for a while. Heck between my friend Zdex and I, we've probably read as many comic books as anyone out there reading this blog... and I've no idea what was happening for half the series. But, I sort of like the idea of Donna remembering everything. Should be fun to see what happens with her. It's funny that both Donna Troy and Power Girl will end up remembering everything, because of the fact that they have been mishandled as characters in the real world. Cute.

I think that it's time to lay my cards on the table. The red cape at the end of the latest JLA belongs to.... THOR! oh wait... hmmm.. :)