Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ms. Mysterious finally talks about Omac!!

No. Way. Remind me why I took so long to read OMAC? Oh, yeah I remember. I wanted to wait and buy the trade. Thank God for piracy. Believe me, I WILL buy the trade as soon as it comes out, but.. MAAN!! It was a frackin great ride!! The twists in the plot, the depth and complexity of the characters and the situations they have to face are just great. Damn damn damn! I want more. Now.

Yeah, as most of the comics, books or movies, not everything's perfect. I could start talking about the small flaws of the series. But no. At the end of the day what I remember are the exciting parts, the moments when I was at the edge of my seat; Wonder Woman killing Max. Superman watching with guilt and horror what he did to Bruce. Sasha being "killed". Million of Omacs rising. Sasha and Batman kissing (yeah, I'm a girl, I'm a sucker for romantic stories that include Batman).
So, did I like it? Yeap. I love to watch how things turn into a huge mess.
Infinite Crisis here I come!